Motorised Blinds

Motorised is the way of the future and gives you the chance to make your home work for you – Syncing home to home owner.

Motorising Your Blinds

Blinds Beyond offers a motorised option for almost every product available, and it’s simple and easy, just a touch of a button.

We have the largest range of motor brands and options on offer, to either suit your budget or to adapt to your requirements.

Somfy motors are the leaders in blind motorisation and have a large selection and accessories available.

Somfy automated system can be operated with a remote control, wall switch, smartphone and compatible with most home automation systems.

Advantages of motorised


Timer option is available, so you don’t have to remember to open and close the blinds.
Perfect for when you are away and don’t want people to know that you’re not home.
Our smartphone option can allow you to control your blinds, lights and other devices in and outside your home from anywhere in the world.
Speak to Graeme regarding your ideas and requirements for home automated systems.


Somfy is worldwide and can talk to most home automated systems, making it the preferred motor.
You can save energy costs by getting your blinds to do some of the work, instead of the air conditioners working full time.

Longer longevity of blinds:

Having a manual system can put stress on the blinds and components, and you can also eliminate heavy handed people pulling and tugging the cords.

Motor Features

  • Long lasting
  • 5 year warranty
  • Quiet and discreet
  • Simple to operate blinds individually or multiple blinds together.


Extra Features

Different styles and colours for remotes and wall switches.

Wired and wire free motors available.

You can add a range of smart sensors:

  • Sun Sensors to automatically lower your Indoor/Outdoor Blinds when the sun is strong
  • Rain Sensors to extend your Retractable Roof/ outdoor blindsat the first drop of rain
  • Wind sensors will automatically retract your Folding Arm Awning when the wind picks up.
  • Motion sensors to automatically protect your privacy when you are using your outdoor area.


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