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Vision Blinds

Outdoor blinds can turn your outside area into another room, giving you more space and comfort from the sun, rain and wind.
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Why Choose Vision Blinds?

They give a comfortable feel to the room and allows the light to sneak in perfectly.

These blinds are light weight, unique and exclusive.

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  • Made up of two stripes of fabric, one being translucent and the other opaque. A single control allows this dual fabric system to lower and raise the blind as well as adjusting the stripes to either an open or closed position.
  • Stylish and practical way to control light and allows for complete privacy.
  • Available in a variety of fabrics and colours.
    Bold and effective window treatment.
  • Better suited for domestic spaces where there isn’t a need to lift the blinds up on a regular basis, their primary function is to filter the light.