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What to Look for when Shopping for Blinds?

If you are looking to purchase indoor/outdoor blinds, then take 5 minutes to quickly run through our list of pointers. These pointers will minimise your risks and problems, not just short term but long term as well.

1) What is your overall objective you are trying to achieve? Privacy, aesthetics, light filtering, climate control, complete blackout, security.

2) Does the company have a wide enough range to suit?

3) Is the sales rep informative and have excellent product knowledge?

4) Know where the product comes from, this is usually the answer for a price difference between suppliers.

5) Price vs quality? If you going to spend your hard earned money make sure that price is not the only factor, but rather the quality of blind, as this could be the difference between two years or 10 years. Measure apples with apples!

6) Ask where the controls or motors come from, because this is often what goes first on a blind.

7) Are spares readily available for the product in question?

8) Do they have a showroom to view the blinds up, to give a better idea of what you are getting?

9) Does the company have a gallery of past jobs to see workmanship, finishes, and similar blinds to what you are wanting to purchase?

10) Are there testimonials from their clients? When not sure, nothing beats word of mouth.

11) Installers?

When I first got into the business, I sometimes called on contractors to help with extra installations, but found that I was continually going out to amend their mistakes. I find that there are a lot of companies still using contractors, which are trying to get the job done as quickly as possible, so they can move onto another job regardless of the workmanship falling short. There are stories of blinds falling down on people, so rather ask.

12) And finally, what are the warranties on the blinds and motors?

Blinds Beyond are more than happy to answer any of the questions above, and we take pride in our products offered, as well as our services and installers.

We have been around for more than 12 years, and hope to keep growing, and carry on exceeding the client’s expectations.

Did you know: one of our first big jobs (12 years ago) was a client named Basil from Germiston. He bought a second home next door, and asked for us to come fit more blinds. I had a look at our original blinds which were still in perfect condition. That as a supplier makes me so happy.

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